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Best Laid Plans
The Black Dawn
This series, produced by Finley-Holiday Films, captures the essence of the national park experience like no other. Wether you're planning a trip, sharing a past visit or just want to discover the best of America's natural and cultural treasures, these programs feature America's top national park destinations.
In this cleverly unscripted sitcom, everyone's got a plan for their life . . . that just isn't working out.
There's Tom, the out-of-work mechanic and hopeless romantic. He's got everything he needs, but nothing he wants. Roommate Alex was living off his parents' trust fund until the economy went bust. Now he's stuck on Tom's couch and might even have to find a job of his own. Together with friends John and Skip, these guys are always hatching new schemes — trying to get rich, get the girl, or just get by. Completely improvised by the cast, "Best Laid Plans" is a unique and amusing look at the unplanned ups and downs of our everyday lives.
A plague has fallen over Los Angeles,
  turning the sky black and leaving death in its wake.
    Only 13 survive. No one knows how it happened.
      No one knows why it happened . . .
With their world at war for five centuries, two heroes from our future travel back in time to stop the cataclysmic event that changed Earth forever. Along the way, the Time Boys run into the lovely Samantha, the maniacal Dr. Crankshaft, and a terrifying army of wild primates. But will Johnny and Bucky be able to alter the course of time and bend fate itself in order to stop Cataclysmo?
With their marriage on the brink, Ron and Susan embark on an existential journey to nowhere. Along the way, they find wisdom from the most unlikely of sources. A cross-country pilgrimage becomes a metaphor for life in this intense and thought-provoking drama.
A government experiment has gone wrong. A deadly creature is on the loose. And the workers at Mt. Diablo Power Plant have no idea what's headed their way. It's the ultimate power struggle as they battle the monster, each other, and their own inner demons.

Created by
Kevin Christensen
& Joshua Sikora
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